About Macy Transmission: Best Transmission Repair in Martinez, CA

Macy Transmission was established because we wanted to put our transmission expertise to good use for the local community. Although many other auto shops dabble in transmission repair – we are 100% completely focused on transmission and clutch repair. It is all we do. This focus has given us the expertise you need to have your vehicle repaired the right way. Today, we are the most highly regarded center for transmission repair in Martinez, CA.

Hard Work Pays

We are a family-owned auto repair businesses that cares. For more than 45 years we have been striving to offer quality repair and service to our customers. This desire has won Macy Transmission a lot of accolades and appreciation from our customers. Quality of service is one of the main reasons we are so highly rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Our customers end up being our best means of promotion. They keep spreading the word about our honest, efficient and dependable work. Because of this we never felt the need to advertise our services by other means. All of Macy staff is trained to greet everyone with a smile, creating a friendly ambience. Come see the difference!

Our Services

As a “transmission only” center, our services are focused on the rebuilding of transmissions, transmission services and auto repair related to drive trains. We are definitely a unique auto repair automotive shop.

Because our services are so highly specialized and related just to clutches and transmissions it has allowed us to gain vast knowledge and expertise in this field. Macy Transmission is regarded by many as the best center for transmission repair in Martinez, CA. Our technicians are like magicians, who can sometimes hear your vehicle running and immediately let you know what could be ailing it. After checking it thoroughly and confirming the problem we then can offer the perfect solution.

Easily Accessible

Macy Transmission is easy to find. We are located between 680 and Highway 4, by Bencia Bridge. If you need towing, just call us! We offer free towing as long as you get your vehicles transmission rebuilt by Macy.

Don’t let your vehicle’s transmission or clutch problem immobilize your life. At Macy Transmission, we know your vehicle is an integral part of modern-day life. Without a reliable and efficiently performing vehicle your life can be greatly impacted. Get in touch with Macy Transmission today and find out why our customers have labeled us as the best center for transmission repair in Martinez, CA.